"Being faced with the task of branding a company is a large undertaking. I spoke with a few different graphic designers and design firms, but none of them seemed to understand our product and vision. They didn't feel like the right fit for our company. This led me to Hassan, where right from the start, I felt like he understood our vision. Not only that, every project he had designed met my expectations and soared past them. His understanding of design and his approach to the tasks at hand were phenomenal. I couldn't have asked for anyone better to design our brand. Thanks Hassan!"

"I initially contacted Hassan because I had an idea that needed to be brought to life. He helped me by taking the time to understand what I was trying to get across, as well as provide crucial insight and professional recommendations to reach a beautiful end result. He remained patient through the process. And in the end we decided to start with business cards. The feedback has been great from every client I've handed one to so far. The journey of working with Hassan, from inception to completion, was a pleasure."

"I recently ordered business cards and postcards for my business. Not only was I blown away by his work but everyone who's seen it are as well. Hassan knew what I wanted right away and we were on the same page through my whole experience. I was able to communicate with him through the whole process while answering all my questions and concerns. I changed my mind a million times and Hassan was incredibly amazing through it all. Everything was done extra fast as well! I will never ever go anywhere else or trust anyone else with my business."