It's the Digital Age, Why Would I Invest in Business Cards? / by Hassan Reda

Yes yes, everything so digital I wonder why I can't tweet from my microwave. Wait, I probably can, if I had the right one. Oh boy. 

Anyway, you're probably wondering why does one need a business card when our live are so digitally consumed? We've got LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and so much more. With all these effective tools to advertise your business, why do you still need to have business cards? It's simple, here are a few factors. 

Make an Impression with more than Design

Don't get me wrong, design is one of the best ways to get a message across and make an impression, but when it comes to print, you can make an even bigger one. Business cards can have a multitude of finishes, Spot UV, Akuafoil or even be Silk Laminated. You can also get Natural feel cards or Pearl Metallic to mention a few of the stock options. Great design mixed with a great card stock and a high quality finish, is exactly what you need to make a proper impression. 

Be Prepared & Professional 

Business cards illustrate the legitimacy of your business. It shows people who are going to work with you that you're taking this serious; which means you'll take their business serious as well. It also shows that you are prepared. Instead of writing your contact information on a scrap piece of paper which the person will most likely throw out by accident; You can present your client with a professional card that will make them think twice or trice about disposing it. Also, nothing better than ending a conversation with a potential client with "I'll leave you with my business card". TRUST. ME. 

It's an Effective and Affordable Marketing Tool

Potential clients can strike at anytime. BAM. What you gonna do? Present your super sleek, super thought out business card, because that's the first step to properly marketing yourself. Business cards are ultra affordable as well, I know I mentioned being fancy above but you can also go the simple, budgetary route and still get your message across.

Here it is, a few reason why business cards still matter and will for a long time.Also, as the print technology advances, I'm sure we'll start seeing some creativity we've never seen before. LIKE HELLO 3D PRINTING. 

Looking for business cards? Give me a shout and together we'll make sure we design and get you the best card that represents your business properly. I even do the printing. 

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