A work in progress, I am / by Hassan Reda

A year can change a lot. I've changed a lot. 

I had a long blog post written about the struggles I've been through, but that will be released later as I'm not ready to do so, yet. 

Instead of this of post being negative I've decided to turn it around and focus on the positive. It's true, I struggle with depression. Some days it's barley there and others it's all that is there. To be completely honest, the last few years have really been strange for me, from unexplained seizures, losing my license, losing a great job, having apartment issues in Hamilton and heightened family stress. It really drained me, It really changed me. 

On the other hand, you can not let these things define you. You must face them, face them all and make amends with each one at a time. This has taken me a long time and it's still a work in progress. 

The last week has been a little crazy for me, I fell into a spiral that I've never experienced before, a time in my life that I truly wasn't enjoying the idea of living. I allowed bad energy to enter my life and let it take control. This isn't easy for me to say, but I feel the need because I know I'm not alone. 

Depression has dimmed me for a while now; but today I wake up with a new attitude. Today I take the idea that I'm a work in progress and accept it. I will no longer take my pain as something to weigh me down but rather lift me up, and so should you. 

I have let depression get the best of me for far too long and today I choose to let it show the best of me. My compassion towards others, my passion towards design and my sense of humor that keeps me laughing more than others around me; just to list a few things, ayyyyy. 

I should stop there and be a bit modest.

I should stop there and be a bit modest.

Accepting that I'm a work in progress means accepting that I'm never fully developed as I'm always learning about myself and my surroundings. It also means to not allow my moments of weakness and feeling low to define me but rather accept them as part of my progress.

I ask you to take the same vow as me and accept yourself, accept struggles and accept that you're always work in progress.

If you ever feel low and feel the need to talk to someone I'm ALWAYS here to chat. Please don't be embarrassed, you don't deserve to struggle alone BECAUSE YOU ARE NOT ALONE.