My First Week with the OnePlusX / by Hassan Reda

My first technology post, how exciting. Actually tho. I'm a huge fan of technology, aside from nature it's the second thing that thrills me the most.

Recently I broke Samsung S4. Kind of glad I did, I was over it's slow processing. The only thing going for it was it's screen resolution and camera. RIP to my 2nd S4. 

Well, of course I was not staying without a phone for long but the budget at the time wasn't exactly where I would of like it to be. I decided to look into budget phone since there was already a few that I was really intrigued by. The two that I was dying for were the Nexus 5X or the OnePlusX. Anything google excites me and the OnePlus is the company I've been hoping for for quite a bit now. 

The Nexus 5X ran for almost six hundred dollars while the OnePlusX only ran for exactly $370 with free shipping. The 5X has a Snapdragon 810 compared to the OnePlusX's 801 but the 5X is only packed with 2GB of ram while the OnePlusX was packed with 3GB. 

After playing with my roommates 5X I decided that the OnePlusX is the phone for me, I felt that I would get more bang for my buck. I also really wanted to try something new. 


I received my very own OnePlusX one February 23rd, 2016.

First Impressions

When I first opened the box I seen this beautiful glossy phone. It felt very solid and very premium. The glass front and the glass back are a very nice touch but also slippery to hold; But OnePlusX is aware of this problem and included a transparent silicone case. Oh, also the phone come with a pre-installed screen protector. Such golden ideas other companies can learn from.  


WOW. I'm loving the display. It's 5" (PERFECT SIZE) 1080P with an AMOLED touchscreen made with Gorilla Glass 3. Gibrish to some, I know. It's full of contrast, which I personally look for in a phone. I like my blacks deep and my colours vibrant. We can go deeper tho, always. 


I've never used OnePlus's OxygenOS before. I would say it's a very light layer of effective customization which keeps the simplicity of google's Lollipop's operating system (Soon to Marshmallow, Hopefully). 

OxygenOS allows you to have on screen buttons or to use the touch buttons under the screen. I love this option, it offered me more space on my screen and the option to do that was nice. 

My favourite thing was how I was able to adjust what each button did, for example I made it that if I hold my home button it will shut off my screen, I found that way more convenient that pressing the power key each time.


Well here it is the most essential aspect of every smart phone. The shooter. The OnePlusX hosts a 13MP camera and a selfie camera that is 8MP. This is where the OnePlusX lacks the most I found. I constantly find it difficult to get the shot I want, it has an extremely hard time with light. Either over expossed or under expossed. 

With some solid natural light, you will get a good shot, but it will always take a few tries. 

The selfie cam does the job but it's a bit too "painted" for me. Not enough real clarity and sharpness. Both their camera's felt very low budget. On the other hand for the price of this phone these are some solid shooters. Any other phones around this price point are at least 5 times worse than the OnePlusX's camera. So it has that going for it. 


The battery isn't too bad. It does the job, it usually will last me a whole day with moderate to heavy use. I do expect this to get worse as time goes and it annoys me that I don't have any access to the battery. I like access, sometime batteries crap out way before the phone and you can fix them with a simple new battery for around twenty dollars. Anker batteries all the way.

Final Verdict  

Overall the OnePlusX is treating me great. It's speedy it's got a beautiful display and it's operating system is very close to the original android, which I always look for. I don't like unnecessary bloat on my phones. Sorry Samsung.  

Despite it lousy shooter, I still get a good few shots when need with some extra editing. 

For $370 I really cannot complain. I do recommend this phone if your budget is as small as mine. Feels quite premium at the end of the day.