8 Ways The Design Process changed with the Digital Age / by Hassan Reda

First, I'll start off by apologizing for the awful comic sans looking font used that is extremely difficult to read. White text on a light background isn't the smartest move. Either way, a great design with some neat points. 

After taking a look at this great infographic I realized how much the graphic design process has evolved since I've graduated from Mohawk College.

When I was in college I would mainly focus on utilizing tools built into the Adobe/ Design programs I was using; now I find myself utilizing more online tool for things such as colour schemes. 

Another way things have changed is how I consume design information, as much as I love buying design books and magazines, I find myself constantly online on other people's design blogs getting better and more up to date content. 

I really didn't realize how much my design ways have changed in just a few years; When it comes to the fields of technology and design, I feel that it is vital to adapt or you will constantly feel behind since they can be such fast developing industries. 

How do you think design will evolve in the next few years?

PS. Pens that match the colour of objects around you to the T already exist. UNREAL.