I've been MIA, I'm Sorry. / by Hassan Reda

HEY GUYS! Long time no talk. Thirteen days to be exact. I guess you can say I've been a little MIA lately, I do apologize. I've been super busy with my day time job where I'm now the Manager; and personal life has been keeping me quite busy too. 

YAY to managing but WOWZA to the amounts of work that you have to put in. Even when you're sleeping you're thinking about your tasks, Is my business clean? Am I offering good service? Am I all in stock? How are my expiries doing? and soooo much more. While it fuels you, it also drains you, which has caused me to go MIA. 

Either way, I'm loving the amount of work. Now I'm just getting better at managing both businesses, my day time job and my freelance business. Balance is key in all aspects of life, but not easily achieved. 

Although I'm can get quite busy at the moment, I always make time for client work. Please feel fee to contact me anytime for design or print services! I will try my best to keep my updates as frequent as possible. Thank you for understanding.

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For now.  

For now.