It's the Digital Age, Why Would I Invest in Business Cards? by Hassan Reda

Yes yes, everything so digital I wonder why I can't tweet from my microwave. Wait, I probably can, if I had the right one. Oh boy. 

Anyway, you're probably wondering why does one need a business card when our live are so digitally consumed? We've got LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and so much more. With all these effective tools to advertise your business, why do you still need to have business cards? It's simple, here are a few factors. 

Make an Impression with more than Design

Don't get me wrong, design is one of the best ways to get a message across and make an impression, but when it comes to print, you can make an even bigger one. Business cards can have a multitude of finishes, Spot UV, Akuafoil or even be Silk Laminated. You can also get Natural feel cards or Pearl Metallic to mention a few of the stock options. Great design mixed with a great card stock and a high quality finish, is exactly what you need to make a proper impression. 

Be Prepared & Professional 

Business cards illustrate the legitimacy of your business. It shows people who are going to work with you that you're taking this serious; which means you'll take their business serious as well. It also shows that you are prepared. Instead of writing your contact information on a scrap piece of paper which the person will most likely throw out by accident; You can present your client with a professional card that will make them think twice or trice about disposing it. Also, nothing better than ending a conversation with a potential client with "I'll leave you with my business card". TRUST. ME. 

It's an Effective and Affordable Marketing Tool

Potential clients can strike at anytime. BAM. What you gonna do? Present your super sleek, super thought out business card, because that's the first step to properly marketing yourself. Business cards are ultra affordable as well, I know I mentioned being fancy above but you can also go the simple, budgetary route and still get your message across.

Here it is, a few reason why business cards still matter and will for a long time.Also, as the print technology advances, I'm sure we'll start seeing some creativity we've never seen before. LIKE HELLO 3D PRINTING. 

Looking for business cards? Give me a shout and together we'll make sure we design and get you the best card that represents your business properly. I even do the printing. 

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6 Dogs that CRACK ME UP by Hassan Reda

DOGS ARE THE BEST. Man, oh man, I wanted a dog since I was a child but my parents would NOT allow it. After 22 years of suffering, I finally got a dog when I was in college; now that I think back it was kind of a wild story. 

When I was attending Georgian College in barrie I remember I told my roommates I'm going home this weekend and I'm getting a dog and I actually did. I've never mentioned it to them before, I didn't even have a dog picked but I went home with a mission and came back with a beautiful new best friend.  I'm was so impressed with the way my roommates dealt with my random addition to the house; they'd fill her bowl, take her out for me when I was at school and just love her up. Man they were pretty cool about it. But let's get real I had to deal with their two cats ;)

3 Years later, she's the love of my life. Check out my Instagram to see some pictures of her. She cracks me up all the time with her personality and attitude, It really gave me a whole new appreciation for animals! Thanks Malika! 

ANYWAY, here is 6 times internet dogs cracked me up!



Is she kidding? I think it just got about 65 pounds nicer. 

Is she kidding? I think it just got about 65 pounds nicer. 



Okay, where is this train? 

Okay, where is this train? 

Second image is pure love. 

Second image is pure love. 

My friends don't even do that.

My friends don't even do that.


Passion is your happiness by Hassan Reda

Hey friends, Today I want to talk about passion and how it's your non medical antidepressant. 

The reason I bring this is up is because as you know, I'm having a difficult time with depression in my life. On the other hand today, I'm finding that through passion I'm able to have a lot more control over it.

In the last few days instead of curling in my bed like always do, I started to invest that time into my passions instead. For example, earlier this week I joined the Concession Street BIA, this really was the beginning of the passion feels train. ALL ABOARD.

Personally my passions are, helping others, designing, and building my own brand and business. I have made these three things my focus in the last few days. I know it's just a few days, but for me it's a start.

Having my first meeting with the BIA last week was thrilling, I was able to hear of what's going on in my community and all the initiatives that we're taking as a team to make Concession Street the best it can be. Being a part of this small movement gave me purpose and it also shed some light into my life that there is more out there than my little depressed brain wanted me to believe.  I left the meeting feeling empowered, and appreciated.  My passion for helping was fueled and I look forward to throw a lot more fuel to the fire. 

Also for the last few days I've been working on how I'm going to seriously revamp my business and get it's name out there. That's a passion of mine. I have a few exciting things planned and I can not wait to share them with you. 

Essentially what I'm getting at, is that whatever your passion may be, don't let it just be a thought, turn it into action because your passion is your happiness and your happiness is your fuel. You deserve happiness. 

What's your passion(s)?

A work in progress, I am by Hassan Reda

A year can change a lot. I've changed a lot. 

I had a long blog post written about the struggles I've been through, but that will be released later as I'm not ready to do so, yet. 

Instead of this of post being negative I've decided to turn it around and focus on the positive. It's true, I struggle with depression. Some days it's barley there and others it's all that is there. To be completely honest, the last few years have really been strange for me, from unexplained seizures, losing my license, losing a great job, having apartment issues in Hamilton and heightened family stress. It really drained me, It really changed me. 

On the other hand, you can not let these things define you. You must face them, face them all and make amends with each one at a time. This has taken me a long time and it's still a work in progress. 

The last week has been a little crazy for me, I fell into a spiral that I've never experienced before, a time in my life that I truly wasn't enjoying the idea of living. I allowed bad energy to enter my life and let it take control. This isn't easy for me to say, but I feel the need because I know I'm not alone. 

Depression has dimmed me for a while now; but today I wake up with a new attitude. Today I take the idea that I'm a work in progress and accept it. I will no longer take my pain as something to weigh me down but rather lift me up, and so should you. 

I have let depression get the best of me for far too long and today I choose to let it show the best of me. My compassion towards others, my passion towards design and my sense of humor that keeps me laughing more than others around me; just to list a few things, ayyyyy. 

I should stop there and be a bit modest.

I should stop there and be a bit modest.

Accepting that I'm a work in progress means accepting that I'm never fully developed as I'm always learning about myself and my surroundings. It also means to not allow my moments of weakness and feeling low to define me but rather accept them as part of my progress.

I ask you to take the same vow as me and accept yourself, accept struggles and accept that you're always work in progress.

If you ever feel low and feel the need to talk to someone I'm ALWAYS here to chat. Please don't be embarrassed, you don't deserve to struggle alone BECAUSE YOU ARE NOT ALONE. 

My First Week with the OnePlusX by Hassan Reda

My first technology post, how exciting. Actually tho. I'm a huge fan of technology, aside from nature it's the second thing that thrills me the most.

Recently I broke Samsung S4. Kind of glad I did, I was over it's slow processing. The only thing going for it was it's screen resolution and camera. RIP to my 2nd S4. 

Well, of course I was not staying without a phone for long but the budget at the time wasn't exactly where I would of like it to be. I decided to look into budget phone since there was already a few that I was really intrigued by. The two that I was dying for were the Nexus 5X or the OnePlusX. Anything google excites me and the OnePlus is the company I've been hoping for for quite a bit now. 

The Nexus 5X ran for almost six hundred dollars while the OnePlusX only ran for exactly $370 with free shipping. The 5X has a Snapdragon 810 compared to the OnePlusX's 801 but the 5X is only packed with 2GB of ram while the OnePlusX was packed with 3GB. 

After playing with my roommates 5X I decided that the OnePlusX is the phone for me, I felt that I would get more bang for my buck. I also really wanted to try something new. 


I received my very own OnePlusX one February 23rd, 2016.

First Impressions

When I first opened the box I seen this beautiful glossy phone. It felt very solid and very premium. The glass front and the glass back are a very nice touch but also slippery to hold; But OnePlusX is aware of this problem and included a transparent silicone case. Oh, also the phone come with a pre-installed screen protector. Such golden ideas other companies can learn from.  


WOW. I'm loving the display. It's 5" (PERFECT SIZE) 1080P with an AMOLED touchscreen made with Gorilla Glass 3. Gibrish to some, I know. It's full of contrast, which I personally look for in a phone. I like my blacks deep and my colours vibrant. We can go deeper tho, always. 


I've never used OnePlus's OxygenOS before. I would say it's a very light layer of effective customization which keeps the simplicity of google's Lollipop's operating system (Soon to Marshmallow, Hopefully). 

OxygenOS allows you to have on screen buttons or to use the touch buttons under the screen. I love this option, it offered me more space on my screen and the option to do that was nice. 

My favourite thing was how I was able to adjust what each button did, for example I made it that if I hold my home button it will shut off my screen, I found that way more convenient that pressing the power key each time.


Well here it is the most essential aspect of every smart phone. The shooter. The OnePlusX hosts a 13MP camera and a selfie camera that is 8MP. This is where the OnePlusX lacks the most I found. I constantly find it difficult to get the shot I want, it has an extremely hard time with light. Either over expossed or under expossed. 

With some solid natural light, you will get a good shot, but it will always take a few tries. 

The selfie cam does the job but it's a bit too "painted" for me. Not enough real clarity and sharpness. Both their camera's felt very low budget. On the other hand for the price of this phone these are some solid shooters. Any other phones around this price point are at least 5 times worse than the OnePlusX's camera. So it has that going for it. 


The battery isn't too bad. It does the job, it usually will last me a whole day with moderate to heavy use. I do expect this to get worse as time goes and it annoys me that I don't have any access to the battery. I like access, sometime batteries crap out way before the phone and you can fix them with a simple new battery for around twenty dollars. Anker batteries all the way.

Final Verdict  

Overall the OnePlusX is treating me great. It's speedy it's got a beautiful display and it's operating system is very close to the original android, which I always look for. I don't like unnecessary bloat on my phones. Sorry Samsung.  

Despite it lousy shooter, I still get a good few shots when need with some extra editing. 

For $370 I really cannot complain. I do recommend this phone if your budget is as small as mine. Feels quite premium at the end of the day. 

I've been MIA, I'm Sorry. by Hassan Reda

HEY GUYS! Long time no talk. Thirteen days to be exact. I guess you can say I've been a little MIA lately, I do apologize. I've been super busy with my day time job where I'm now the Manager; and personal life has been keeping me quite busy too. 

YAY to managing but WOWZA to the amounts of work that you have to put in. Even when you're sleeping you're thinking about your tasks, Is my business clean? Am I offering good service? Am I all in stock? How are my expiries doing? and soooo much more. While it fuels you, it also drains you, which has caused me to go MIA. 

Either way, I'm loving the amount of work. Now I'm just getting better at managing both businesses, my day time job and my freelance business. Balance is key in all aspects of life, but not easily achieved. 

Although I'm can get quite busy at the moment, I always make time for client work. Please feel fee to contact me anytime for design or print services! I will try my best to keep my updates as frequent as possible. Thank you for understanding.

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For now.  

For now.  

A New Rule for Valentines by Hassan Reda

Well here it is. Either the most exciting day of the year for you or the most dreadful. Today is the day of the big four letter word L.O.V.E. What does love even mean these days? I believe it can mean a multitude of things to different people, but that theory can be applied to anything, really.

Let me tell you what love means to me. Love to me is care, commitment & unconditional. It can be found through various things or people, preferably people. When I say things I mean hobbies, things that get your excitement fuel going, to me that is skiing. A hobby I love to do, a hobby that brings as much joy and love into my life as I've invested in it.

I find that finding love through people can be a bit of a self destructive method. My reasoning behind this is that people add new and beautiful aspects to your life; which some of you've waited a long time to "get" or "find". But at one point or another you might lose that person and sometimes you might lose all that you've gained with them as well.

This year for Valentines I have a new rule for myself and it is to find what I'm looking for in others but instead in myself; this way no one has the power to take it away from me, except me, I like that kind of power. The power of of self fulfillment and empowerment.

The idea is instead of constantly chasing love, a love with excitement or thrill. Change your view, love yourself, become the excitement you seek and the thrill you urge for.

I'm not saying love no one, but be sure they're worthy and reciprocate the amount of love and effort that you're investing as well. It's a two way road.

I hope all of you are filled with love today, remember love comes in many forms, don't be so blind, eh.



Final thoughts from the Queen.



8 Ways The Design Process changed with the Digital Age by Hassan Reda

First, I'll start off by apologizing for the awful comic sans looking font used that is extremely difficult to read. White text on a light background isn't the smartest move. Either way, a great design with some neat points. 

After taking a look at this great infographic I realized how much the graphic design process has evolved since I've graduated from Mohawk College.

When I was in college I would mainly focus on utilizing tools built into the Adobe/ Design programs I was using; now I find myself utilizing more online tool for things such as colour schemes. 

Another way things have changed is how I consume design information, as much as I love buying design books and magazines, I find myself constantly online on other people's design blogs getting better and more up to date content. 

I really didn't realize how much my design ways have changed in just a few years; When it comes to the fields of technology and design, I feel that it is vital to adapt or you will constantly feel behind since they can be such fast developing industries. 

How do you think design will evolve in the next few years?

PS. Pens that match the colour of objects around you to the T already exist. UNREAL.


28 unspoken rules of graphic design by Hassan Reda

1. Your fonts will default to the worst possible font available on the machine you are showing your work on.

2. If you have two versions of a photo, the wrong one will make its way to the printer.

4. Promises made by the sales staff have no basis in reality. 

5. The sales staff will promise anything.

6. If the text consists of two words, one will be misspelled.

7. Speed. Quality. Affordability. Pick any two.

8. If the run is wrong, it's never the press operator's fault.

9. Spell checkers don't.

10. Grammar checkers don't, either.

11. Proof raeders are useless.

Like this girl. 

Like this girl. 

12. If three designs are shown to a client, your least favorite will be chosen or any combination of worst components of each.

13. If two designs are shown, a third will be requested. If provided, then one of the first two will be chosen.

14. If you ask for more copy it will be sent as a .jpg. If you ask for images they will send powerpoint presentations.

15. Clients don't have their company logo in a usable print ready format so don't bother asking.

16. You will misspell the name of the client's spouse.

17. Your best idea is already copyrighted.

18. There is no stock photo ever made that matches the image you have in your head.

19. Creative inspiration flows in inverse proportion to the distance from the studio.

20. Time allowed to complete work is inversely proportional to time taken by client to work out what to complain about.

21. Doctors, astronauts, and plumbers need training to do their jobs, but anyone with a computer is a graphic designer.(ISH)

22. The number of colours in a client's design will equal the number of colours in the original bid specs, plus two.

23. The client's disk won't run on your equipment & when it does will contain unusable copyrighted images.

24. If you purchase new equipment to read your client's disk, it will be the last disk of that type you will ever receive.

25. Your client will often not like your design but not quite know why.

26. Computer crashes always happen exactly 30 seconds before saving.

27. Clients who do not provide content upfront will complain about the use of Lorem Ipsum.


28. Everything has to be done immediately, deadlines are incredibly important unless client has to provide materials or approve your work.

I'm sure we can add another 30 to this list, easily. What would you add? 


Where have I been? and Where am I now? by Hassan Reda

Hello! Today I launch my new site to you guys! WOOO!  

I won't lie this is exciting for me, even thought I'm very nervous as well. It's been a few years since I've had a solid online presence, a space where I can properly market myself. 

Believe it or not I've made multiple portfolio sites that I've never shared online. Every time I got close to finishing one, I didn't feel that it gave me the representation that I was really striking for. I believe the biggest struggle as a designer is to design for yourself. At least for me it can be.

I also obtained a few full time positions in and out of the design field that were using most of time. This is when I decided that I wanted to start investing in myself instead of "Full Time Positions" for at least at this stage of my life. I always knew that I found working as a freelancer a much more rewarding experience than a 9-5 job.

A month and a bit after some major life decisions, I've decided to become that freelance that I've always wanted to be. It started with a logo re-design and branding, I knew it was a brand that I simply out grew and from then on it snowballed from there.I Picked the right tools that I know will work for me and my clients, I set goals and I set new standards for myself and now it's time to share it all with you. 

As I've said before I'm extremely nervous, please understand that this site will always be a work in progress and I will always work on improving it.

Got suggestions? I'd love to hear them!